Looking forward to anniversary

From left, Chippewa Park youth intern Andrew Ktytor, Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Marcus Powlowski, and Ian Angus, secretary of Friends of Chippewa Park, exit the pavilion after Powlowski announced FedNor funding for the park’s anniversary project on Tuesday.

Things are falling into place for the Chippewa Park 100th anniversary celebration that will take place at the park next year with a series of events planned.

MP Marcus Powlowski of Thunder Bay-Rainy River, met with Ian Angus, secretary for Friends of Chippewa Park at the park’s pavilion on Sept. 15 to make the announcement of a FedNor investment of $31,500 to maximize the potential of the anniversary celebration. The money will enable the Friends of Chippewa park to hire a youth intern for one year to help co-ordinate the anniversary project.

The intern is Andrew Ktytor, who has already rolled up his sleeves and is working hard on the celebration plan.

“It’s a great experience and great opportunity to start off my young career and also to be part of such a good project,” he said.

Ktytor has begun work on a 50/50 raffle and getting the online store set up and revamping their social media presence.

“This will ease into the actual event,” he said. “The success of the 100th anniversary festival will help restore the identity of Chippewa Park.”

Angus says around 20 years ago, 104 unemployed workers spent a year revitalizing the park thanks to funding from Human Resources Development Canada and he was thrilled to have the continued financial support of the federal government.

He says they have another job creation partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development for four construction workers and one co-ordinator, who will be a partner to Ktytor.

This construction team has been working though the summer to install skirting on the log cabins and are now power washing the buildings in the park.

“These all were stained 20 years ago and they’ve become a bit muddled and dirty,” said Angus. “We are power washing all of them and we will be re-staining them this fall and next spring in order to provide a very shiny face to the community.

“All derelict railings along the beach will be removed and we are going to build a lot of furniture for the park as well as some other features over the winter months.”

Next summer, people can expect the dedication of the carousel which will be completed by then.

“And if things go well, hopefully a new building,” says Angus.

On July 15, there will be a commemoration of the declaration when the park was opened in 1921, and on the Civic holiday weekend, a five-day family festival will get underway.

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