Gearing up for youths

Pro Kids co-ordinator Laura Daniele sifts through a bag of hockey gear that was left at her office for distribution to a child registered with them and in need of the gear. Pro Kids wants to raise $10,000 for hockey programs for their clients.

Today is Giving Tuesday, the day that follows black Friday and cyber Monday, and Pro Kids is hoping that consumers will think outside the retail frenzy and support their Pass the Buck campaign.

Laura Daniele, the Pro Kids co-ordinator, says Pro Kids helps to put children in all levels of hockey, but the bills are rolling in. With a goal of $10,000, LH North will start the campaign with $5,000 and Daniele is hoping the community will help to match or surpass their goal.

“We partner with organizations and we also partner with the families to help reduce costs,” she said. “Recreational hockey will cost around $550, competitive hockey will average around $1,500 and if they are playing upper level hockey, it will be more than $2,000 — AAA hockey will be even more, up to $10,000.”

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