Chief asks for increase to budget

Thunder Bay Police Service Chief Sylvie Hauth has requested a 3.6 per cent increase in funds from the city.

The city’s police chief is proposing a $1.57 million increase for the Thunder Bay Police Service’s 2020 operating budget.

Sylvie Hauth presented the nearly $45 million budget to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board on Tuesday with the 3.6 per cent increase over last year’s budget.

The police chief noted that 93 per cent of the budget is wages and benefits and the two biggest areas for increased costs are the overtime and Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) accounts.

With overtime budgets showing a deficit for the last few years, Hauth said she is trying to make a realistic budget to bring those numbers up to where they should be.

This year’s overtime budget is expected to see an unfavourable variance of more than $2.5 million. Hauth is proposing an almost $1.1 million increase over the last budget.

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