One Thunder Bay city councillor wants to look at the possibility of making garbage containers mandatory for Thunder Bay residents.

And another councillor would like to see a colour change to hazard alerts for people with impaired vision.

City administration will recommend the implementation of a pilot project to make tactile walking indicators yellow when council meets on Monday.

The project would operate from October to December 2023 and would include painting existing indicators as well as new, pre-manufactured yellow indicators.

Tactile walking indicators alert people with impaired vision to potential hazards like moving vehicle traffic. They can be felt under the foot or detected with a cane.

The recommendation was brought forward by at-large Coun. Rebecca Johnson after a memo was presented to council in July from the city’s accessibility advisory committee, asking for the change from patina to yellow.

“This has been a topic of the (accessibility advisory committee) for many years,” said Johnson, in a memo.

The benefits to changing the colour of the indicators is increased visibility and overall increased pedestrian safety.

The pilot project, which would include two yet-to-be-determined intersections, would allow the city to test products and determine costs for tactile plates and include paint solutions for existing indicators.

Johnson would like to see a report on the outcome of the project in January 2024 for consideration in the 2024 municipal budget.

Mandatory garbage containers

Also up for discussion at Monday’s council meeting is a proposal from at-large Coun. Aldo Roberto to review making garbage containers mandatory for curbside pickup.

“I have received a number of concerns about curbside residential garbage being strewn about — mainly by wildlife — prior to pickup by the city,” said Ruberto, in a memo. “This creates a health and safety concern and increases the likelihood of attracting unwanted vermin.”

Ruberto said introducing mandatory residential solid waste containers may eliminate unwanted access to bags at the curb.

City administration is recommending they review the issue and report on options and associated costs by the end of March, 2022.