Fencing will be set up this week at Boulevard Lake as monitoring wells are installed and samples of soil and ground water are collected.

It is all part of an Environmental Assessment of the adjacent property of the former Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital being undertaken by Infrastructure Ontario, explained Werner Schwar, supervisor of parks and open spaces planning with Thunder Bay.

“They own the LPH property and they’re doing some monitoring wells and soil sampling on our side of Lyon Boulevard to make sure nothing has leeched under the road and contaminated park soil,” said Schwar.

DST Consulting Engineers is expected to have a drill rig on site for four days beginning on Tuesday. The drilling will take place on the grassy area between the walking trail and Lyon Boulevard near Algoma Street.

Schwar said the work shouldn’t interfere with the trails depending on what the results show. If any contamination is found they may have to extend the sampling area onto the lake side of the trail.

“The monitoring wells might be set up for a little while,” said Schwar, explaining that the proposed spots for the wells so far means they will not be a hazard to park users.

“They’ve asked for permission to set up those wells and they could have machinery close by the trail so we’ve asked it be fenced off and have as little disruption to the trail as possible,” said Schwar.

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