Soup's on

Regional Food Distribution Association food service manager Tanner Harris checks on a large batch of split pea soup than is heading to the fridge for chilling and packaging — and eventually out to striking teachers on the picket line.

With children out of the classrooms and their teachers on the picket line, food designated to school breakfast, snack and lunch programs is being redirected to the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA).

Tanner Harris the centre’s food service manager, says that the RFDA is a great place for the food to come before it spoils and is wasted, and he will make sure the food is used well.

In fact, Harris is redirecting the food back to the schools — onto the picket lines instead of the empty classrooms.

“The food has been arriving from Loudon Bros. produce wholesaler,” said Harris. “They gave us celery sticks already cut up and we were able to process them and use them for soup.”

Harris has prepared a split pea soup and a turkey and wild rice soup that he will reheat, seal in individual bowls in a warming cart and serve to teachers on the strike line at Edgewater Public School today.

“We just want to give back to the teachers because we are getting this food due to the effects of the strike,” he said. “We want to support the teachers while they’re out there because it’s cold out and not an easy thing to do.”

The RFDA also received blueberries, apples and peppers.

“We were able to clean and freeze the blueberries so we can use them for future programming with the school students,” he said. “We got apples that we will distribute to other organizations like the Dew Drop Inn, Grace Place and other soup kitchens.”

Some of the food will be processed, chopped, frozen and used for other RFDA programing.


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