An elderly Greenstone resident who fell for a common telephone scam is one of the lucky ones, provincial police said last month.

Though the unidentified victim of the grandparents scam unwittingly mailed some funds to a scammer, the package was recovered and returned through the efforts of police and Canada Post officials, police said.

In the grandparents scam, a caller usually purports to be a grandchild who claims to be under arrest in a foreign country and urgently requires funds.

Police didn’t say how much money was involved in the Greenstone case, but scammers often demand large sums and may hit on the same victim twice.

Police said that while the grandparents scam has been making the rounds in Greenstone of late, most people didn’t fall for it.

According to the Canadian Ant-Fraud Centre, fraudsters, including telephone scammers, bilked Canadians out of $108 million in 2020, and $50 million so far this year. Most of the money is never recovered.