Chapples soccer

Children play soccer outdoors at Chapples Complex on Tuesday.

The next steps to a indoor turf facility have started said Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro. This week city council voted to ratify their support a proposed indoor turf facility.

Mauro said the work to bring in somebody to be tasked to do the geotechnical work on the site can begin along with hiring someone to put tenders together can also move forward.

“Next week we will determine the terms of reference,” said Mauro about a subcommittee that be formed to work on the financing plan.

“I didn’t like the plan that came from administration that showed borrowing so much money. I am not saying no to some money,” said Mauro.

The subcommittee can also look at things like operating models. “Will it be a city-run facility? Will we look for somebody else that might be operating it for the city,” said Mauro, explaining the questions they face.

Looking at the design of the facility is another concern for the subcommittee. The biggest job the subcommittee will have is to look at if and how the facility can accommodate indoor tennis.

The tennis community is anxious to see if they’ll have a place for indoor play in the new building.

“We are quietly optimistic at this point,” said Dave McCullum, president of the Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre. “We were definitely disappointed that the original motion to have us included was pulled.”


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