Students honoured

Students who were awarded the Grade 8 Award of Excellence pose for a photo during the event held at the Current River Community Centre.

Lakehead Public Schools celebrated the achievements of Grade 8 students within their board last Thursday.

The annual Grade 8 Award of Excellence was held in-person for the first time in two years.

The Grade 8 Award of Excellence was established to recognize those who have achieved high standards of academic excellence and demonstrated leadership within the school community.

Lakehead District School Board student trustee Mehar Mago welcomed various speakers to the podium, including Rebecca Johnson as acting mayor, Ellen Chambers, chair of the Lakehead District School Board, Jordan Lester, chair of the Lakehead Public Schools Foundation, and Ian MacRae, director of education.

“Despite being only in Grade 8 we have future game changers,” Erin Aylward, principal of Ecole Gron Morgan Public, told The Chronicle-Journal on Friday.

Aylward handed out awards with Dave Paddington, the first vice-president of Lakehead Elementary Teachers of Ontario.

Sofia Martins, one of the 25 winners of the Grade 8 Award of Excellence, said she had her eye on the award since Grade 5 and attributes the achievement to being authentic and dedicated.

“I think being myself really helped, I always tried to achieve higher standards,” Martin said, in a news release.

Martin also has ambition for her secondary school career with plans to play on several sports teams for Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute.