Meeting old friends

Westmount Public School student Tauno Maki leapt to his feet and right into Westgate CVI’s Matthew Willianen arms in an affectionate reunion as Willianen, and 14 other Grade 9 fellow students entered the gymnasium on Thursday.

It was a day of reunions, hugs and high-fives as Grade 9 Westgate CVI students returned to Westmount Public School to tell the Grade 7 and Grade 8 students about high school life.

About 15 Westmount alumni returned to the elementary school with a message of comfort and safety for their friends who will be transitioning into Westgate CVI next year.

Michelle Furlotte, Westmount Public School’s student success lead, said friendships that form in the school’s Grade 7 and Grade 8 combined classes, stay connected well into the high school years and are very important with the high school transition process.

She said the students are really excited about meeting the Grade 9 Westagte students because many of them were friends and spent time together in school last year.

“The Grade 7 and Grade 8 classes are combined and they have built a community within there and the (Grade 7s) will be going in two years as well, so I feel they should be coming down as a community and learn about these things as a community,” she said. “It’s really good to have students talking to students, so it’s not always coming from the adults.”

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