New unit on the beat

Thunder Bay Police Service Deputy Chief Ryan Hughes, front, introduces the police force’s new community oriented response (COR) unit on Friday.

Thunder Bay Police Service’s new community-oriented response (COR) unit is already seeing results almost two months since being launched.

The COR unit consists of six officers that will concentrate their focus on problem areas in the city that front-line officers can’t get to because of the existing workload.

The team was introduced on Friday in the Home Depot parking lot and Deputy Chief Ryan Hughes said the Thunder Centre was one of their first areas of focus.

“There was a lot of complaints about panhandling, aggressive panhandling where people are coming up and knocking on people’s windows,” he said.

But since the COR unit launched in January, business owners in the shopping centre said they’ve already noticed the panhandlers have dispersed. Business owners in Victoriaville noticed the same results, said Hughes.

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