A website has been started to educate people about human trafficking.

The Thunder Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking started the site this week to provide supports for the community along with services for survivors.

Human trafficking is often confused with human smuggling but girls and women who are Canadian citizens are representative of the most trafficked people in the province. Ontario represents two-thirds of the cases of human trafficking in Canada.

“Thunder Bay remains one of the top six hubs in Ontario for human trafficking, so it’s important to continue to help victims and survivors access resources, while also educating the community about this largely under-reported crime,” said Cindy Paypompee, co-chair of the Thunder Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking, in a news release.

Although anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, those who tend to be targeted are Indigenous women and girls, homeless and marginalized youths, people struggling with mental health and addictions and people with developmental disabilities.

There is a hotline dedicated to human trafficking at 1-833-900-1010 that provides information services in Ontario.

People are encouraged to visit the Thunder Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking website at www.humantraffickingthunderbay.ca.