HAS Team Wynne increased the income for those groups in Ontario that survive on the Ontario Disability Support Program, Ontario Works (welfare) or workplace injury pensions? These programs do not submit any Canada Pension Plan premiums to the federal program, further plummeting the injured workers into poverty when they turn 65. They will have to stray over to join those surviving on federal graces through Canada Pension Plan Disability, the Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age Security.

These low-income groups have been left out in the cold and will face increased costs for all commodities — as will all incomes groups. From a comfort-giving cup of coffee to a pair of socks, increased employee costs will trickle down increasing commodities and services.

Team Wynne could have collaborated with their federal counterpart and reduced the income tax scale for those working for minimum wage, instead of causing chaos with independent employers. Voila, the simplicity of lowering income taxes would have given the same economic stimulation without causing hardships for employers and consumers.

The increase in all commodities for those on fixed incomes will magnify their hardships, even for those workers that the wage increase was aimed to help.

Poverty groups who lobbied for this wage increase have been blindsided, having forgotten that as basic necessities increase in cost, many of those in poverty are on fixed incomes.

After the Tim Horton’s debacle, Premier Wynne stated, “paying our workers a decent living wage is also important.” I didn’t know that private sector employee’s were OPSEU members. Tim Brown, Ontario Conservative Leader Patrick Brown should do some word dissection on that statement.

Gerald Landry

Thunder Bay

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