On June 13, I made a few calls to inquire about acquiring a new Thunder Bay Telephone Directory. I knew the directories had been delivered door to door if one lived in a private home. But I live in an apartment and I wondered how I would gain access to a directory.

First I called Tbaytel which, I learned, has nothing to do with the delivery of telephone directories. I was forwarded to an out-of-town number at the Yellow Pages where I was told that if I wanted a telephone directory delivered to my apartment address it would cost me $7 to $8.

I have been a paying customer all my life and I have never had to pay for a telephone directory.

When I asked if I could pick one up, I was told that that there was only one place in all of Thunder Bay, and that was at the First Nation office off Mission Road. After calling there the first two responders had no idea of telephone book pickups. A third person told me that she did have some directories in a box and I could pick one up at no cost, but how to get there with no vehicle?

I think it’s unfair for some citizens to receive door-to-door delivery of their new telephone directories at no cost but not apartment dwellers who have to pay to have one delivered.

What happened to receiving a postal card indicating to the resident - house or apartment dweller - where to pick up the new telephone directory in strategic locations at no cost?

Rose Burak


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