I JUST finished looking at your publication One City. Fifty Years. It was well put together, with one glaring exception. Not one word was mentioned about our city flag or the individual who designed it! That flag is a indeed a very large part of our city’s history and yet you overlooked it.

I CALLED the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to ask if anyone was available to speak to my community about COVID-19. I live in a co-operative community of 200 homes. It is my understanding that 60 per cent of the residents are over 60 and many are elderly and have health conditions. I wante…

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MY THOUGHTS on the police building is to renovate the former courthouse on Arthur Street to include prisoner processing and holding, accident reporting, stores, forensic labs, and community policing. There is a large parking area behind the Arthur Street building to move the outdoor storage …

I WISH to commend Confederation College for their decision to lower their flags to half-mast out of respect for the young woman who was killed on Picton Avenue (Murder charge laid after incident — CJ, March 4). We inquired as to the reason we saw the flags lowered and were told by staff that…

I AM a patient — or I should say was a patient — of a doctor in town until recently. I had five appointments cancelled and the last two were with one hour’s notice. Going back to work was impossible because they put another driver on the truck so I lost $328 per shift.

ONCE again we enjoy the longer evening light which allows more time after work to get outside and do things or just relax at the end of day. I think we should keep this time year round and forget about flip-flopping spring and fall. We should lobby our city council, provincial and federal go…

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THANKS go to The Chronicle-Journal for the excellent coverage of the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in late February.

DURING the city’s public consultation before the removal of traffic signals at Lillie Street and Victoria Avenue, I submitted the comment that the new Matawa First Nation school on Lillie is a source of students who need the traffic light to cross Victoria safely.

WHO is looking for a job where everyone will feel they know more about it than you? Are you a psychologist, a social worker and a marriage counsellor?

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I FIND that Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) continues to waste ratepayers’ money (Possible Waste Site Has ‘Stable Geosphere’ — CJ, Feb. 25).

THE following are some statements I have researched on the abortion issue.

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AWAY we go again with ‘I love everybody; except for those I choose to disagree with.’ This seems like a roundabout way to be intolerant that’s often used by self-interest groups.

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INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and is recognized March 8, annually. It has grown to be a day of recognition of women’s successes and a call to action to support women’s rights and to advance gender equality.

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TEACHERS have a tendency of giving out homework to their students daily. Some students — teens, mainly — don’t have time for this much homework.

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AS CANADIANS, we should be embarrassed by the failure of our federal government to respect the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1997 Delgamuukw decision. Twenty-three years after that decision, Canada has still not negotiated a treaty with the Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan nations. Instead, it relies on…

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THIS letter is a followup to my previous letter (Maybe It Should Be Mock The Frock — Feb. 19) after a vicious response from Julia Paradis (Vanity Or Charity? The Cause, Not Your Ego — letter Feb. 26) where she incorrectly states we took offence that a man was wearing this dress and my opinio…

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WE CONTINUE to pay the price for waste, be it in the landfills of our regions or in the spending ways of governments.

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SEN. LYNN Beyak has said that although there were abuses at the residential schools, not all people working there were bad and that some students had a positive experience at the schools. This viewpoint was backed up by numerous letters from former students.

WITH the possible outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, could the former Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital (LPH) building be utilized? The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre clearly would not be able to handle a serious outbreak.

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Thunder Bay. I had the pleasure of being the volunteer mission staff of BC Snowshoe team.

WALKING up Memorial Avenue one afternoon I saw quite a few discarded pop cans and cups as well as cigarette packages, parts of cardboard boxes and other assorted discards. In the present day we seem to see more of this sort of thing compared to years gone past when we were taught to be more …

SOME in this country call for “order.” Others call for “reconciliation.” We might ask if the vision of “order” is the one that brings “reconciliation.” I think not.

THIS is addressed to those truckers who stop their rigs on the side of Arthur Street, just past Marketplace, to go in search of that much needed, greatly anticipated cup of coffee nearby.

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THERE are wolves in town! (Not the financial kind). Wednesday night, at around 12:30 a.m., I happened to be looking out the patio door onto Scotland Street, and saw a very large wolf running down the middle of the road. I have seen many deer, black bears, moose, lynx, and even a horse, but n…

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(Re: Citizens Aren’t Racist, They’re Just Angry — letter, Aug. 17)

I GREW up in Rossport, Ont., and have a unique perspective about the value of caribou for eco-tourism in our area.

I AM sitting here wondering why an Afghan war memorial was opened at a Department of National Defence location without any Canadian veterans of the Afghanistan conflict in attendance. Any soldier who was deployed to that place has a right to attend that ceremony and be acknowledged for their…

THE Police Services Board was set up to focus on the operations of the police force in the city Thunder Bay and it is not an aboriginal organization. It seems to be slowly turning into a finger-pointing blame game for individual interests. All city interests need to be addressed here.

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I HAVE been increasingly disturbed about the various protests. I view them as cowardly, organized by those who do not have the courage to speak their own minds.

THANK you Beth Workman for your letter regarding the mercury pollution of the English Wabigoon River System (Some Changes Take Way Too Long — CJ, May 29). I was a very young new graduate nurse and my first job in 1973 was as a community health nurse with what was then known as Health Canada.…

IT IS our last human right, the right to choose not to suffer at the end of life. The Supreme Court of Canada made this a charter right. The government of Canada made this a legal right. Faith-based institutions, including St. Joseph’s Hospital, deny us this right.

ALMOST 50 years ago, my husband and I received a clock radio as a wedding gift. It was the latest technology, allowing for two automatic choices — alarm or radio.

IN REGARD to complaints about members of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (Government Reverses Choice for Board — CJ, May ; First Nation Calls for Mayor to Withdraw From Police Board — May 25), I think that John Cyr and Bill Mauro have been wrongly criticized and discriminated against f…

TWO recent letters “Little tolerance for telling the truth” (CJ, May 10) and “No good deeds, ever, at residential schools?” (CJ, March 21, 2017; re-run May 25, 2019) have argued that expelling Lynn Beyak from Senate is wrong because she is speaking the truth and not being politically correct.

MAYOR Mauro’s performance in his first town hall did not reflect a city positioning itself for the 21st century. Everything was wrong with Mauro’s dogmatic address to the community in his spirited public engagement.

HOW much is four per cent? Is it a lot? A little? If you had to find a way to cut four per cent from your family’s budget, could you do it?

THUNDER Bay Mayor Mauro seems to be doubling down on his previous assertion that the main problem with the reports from the Office of the Independent Police Review and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission is that they damage Thunder Bay’s reputation (Hard Work Ahead: Mayor — CJ, May 15).

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IT’S EASY to believe in a world of simplicity, where being “open for business” trumps all else. We all have to deal with complexity in our lives — with nuance, with ambiguity. We all want to live in a world where human livelihoods and nature can coexist.

ATIKOKAN Mayor Dennis Brown has publicly stated that in recent years it has been shown species like caribou thrive in areas where forests have been harvested. I am not sure where he got his information.

I AGREE with David Petrash (Charges For Threats Seem Light — letter, April 27) regarding Hammarskjold High School and the slap-on-the-wrist charges the accused got from our legal system.

ABOUT two months ago, the federal government released its next budget and, for the first time, it proposed an incentive for purchasing electric vehicles as part of its climate action program.

I’M GETTING a little tired of having to point out the flaws in the logic and calculations in the articles you publish on behalf of the Fraser Institute. The organization is dedicated to spinning facts and statistics to give the impression that any government left of the extreme right is fisc…

I HAVE to agree 100 per cent with David Petrash (Charges For Threats Seem Light — letter, April 27) that the charges seem light for the threats at Hammarskjold. Dave says “enough is enough,” make examples of people who commit these types of crimes. Considering the absolute carnage that has o…