I HAVE to agree 100 per cent with David Petrash (Charges For Threats Seem Light — letter, April 27) that the charges seem light for the threats at Hammarskjold. Dave says “enough is enough,” make examples of people who commit these types of crimes. Considering the absolute carnage that has occurred at school shootings in the past 10 years, it’s beyond me that this is treated so lightly.

To learn your lesson you have to take the pain of your actions. That’s why I only stuck my tongue on a metal fence in winter one time. I had to take the pain of my actions. I can still take you to the exact location of the metal fence where it occurred in 1961. It’s still very vivid in my memory, like it happened yesterday.

I once saw a picture in this paper of a young kid sitting in a chair along a highway with a sign that said “I was caught stealing,” or something to that effect. The judge decreed he do this in the youth’s sentence. Right beside him was his mother, also sitting in a chair. The mother was saying: ‘Son, you did wrong and have to pay for your actions, but I will be there with you all the way.’ That mother is a superstar.

My hope is that restitution for anyone found guilty for the Hammarskjold threats includes repayment for the cost of investigation. Pay the bill for your actions — that’s how you learn. I know I did.

Mike Wismer

Thunder Bay

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