WE CONTINUE to pay the price for waste, be it in the landfills of our regions or in the spending ways of governments.

As the region struggles with employment and natural resource development, the citizens of the region continue to hope for the future. With the world affairs spiralling downward in the form of sickness and fear of that, there seems to be very little for the future of our area.

Nextbridge brought some hope for the area with employment and promises of a better future and with the approval of the First Nations as partners and help from the Ontario government, the large project of a power line from Thunder Bay to Wawa was finally started.

Without government interference in the first place, this project could have been built for about $100 million less through OPG.

The waste of resources continues which is a huge cost to the land and an insult to the inquiries about that resource.

Nextbridge committed to forest extraction and use by industry where they could, and this could have resulted in a win for industries and the region. But since the big push has started, we have become aware that much of the cut timber has been piled and burned along the route, even where good roads go to the workplace.

What a waste.

When locals have to fight with the MNR just to get a permit for firewood, there are tens of thousands of cords of wood simply being burned, which adds to the carbon burden in the atmosphere.

Where are the potential do-gooders? Oh, they are busy down south and out west, costing the country even bigger dough with all the blockades and such.

We live here, we worked here and will be interred here and the simple use and waste of our resources is an insult and disgrace to the people who built this region.

Shame on all who see this happening and just stay silent. Waste costs us all and what is being done to the forest is a disgrace.

Jon MacDonald



(Originally published March 6, 2020)

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