TEACHERS have a tendency of giving out homework to their students daily. Some students — teens, mainly — don’t have time for this much homework.

Some teens have jobs, chores, they volunteer, etc. I’m one of those teens, I have chores to do after school and I have my volunteering on Mondays and Wednesdays and I don’t have time to do the homework.

It’s not just that some teens have learning disabilities and they need that one-on-one time. Some teens don’t get that one-on-one time they need at home like they would at school.

Teachers give out an assignment and just give two work periods on it and then say it’s homework. It just does not work like that. Sometimes it’s a PowerPoint or a letter and you need a laptop or a personal computer. Some teens don’t have either one of those. I had to work my butt off to get the laptop I wanted to do homework.

It’s not just that either.

Teachers do all these strikes, then give whatever work we were going to do that day for homework. I know they have Edsby (class-connection software) and all that stuff, but some students don’t have access — none whatsoever. I’m being honest.

I will not stop fighting about the amount of homework us high school students get, along with these stupid strikes the teachers keep doing. I get that their trying to fight for our education but it doesn’t seem like it.

This all just came from my heart and it’s how I really feel about it.

Christina Ladychuk

Superior CVI, Thunder Bay


(Originally published March 7, 2020)