AWAY we go again with ‘I love everybody; except for those I choose to disagree with.’ This seems like a roundabout way to be intolerant that’s often used by self-interest groups.

According to a recent article (Film Prompts Postponement — CJ, Feb. 26), because of a truthful film about the real effects of abortion, musicians who were supposed to play for a fundraiser at the same location have now refused to do so. They apparently want to share love, kindness and acceptance of all human beings, except for those who think differently, or those unborn humans who are discarded like garbage.

The band is now making a worthy organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters pay the price because, apparently, they don’t like people seeing the truth of a situation. Like spoiled children, too immature to hear anything except what they want to hear, and always disrespectful of opinions not their own.

Love, kindness and acceptance of all humans. Hmmm — easy words to say, hard words to live up to.

Hopefully, thinking folks can see through this charade and hold the band, not the film or the Urban Abby, responsible for their commitment failure.

Thank you to the Urban Abby for showing truth in the face of juvenile behaviour. Please keep on doing what you’re doing. Remember Jesus? He wasn’t too popular with certain people either.

In college there were several folks that I had great respect for, and always will. One was a very pregnant single young woman, working part-time and going to college full-time so she could make a better life for her child and herself.

The others were also young women who already had a child or more at home, worked a part-time job or two and also went to college to create better lives for their families. Strong women who thought for themselves, these are the real heroes in the real world — for without responsible loving female mothers, not much else matters.

It’s often rewarding to get over yourself and learn more about reality in the real world. Whether you initially like it or not, you just may find a happier life in the process.

If you’re pregnant, don’t want to be, and unsure of what to do, please consider your options carefully and make up your own mind. Have an ultrasound and listen to your baby’s heartbeat before deciding.

A baby is not part of your body like an arm or leg. It’s an individual human being, totally dependent upon you for his or her life. A life just like yours.

David Ogden



(Originally published March 7, 2020)

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