(An open letter to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.)

I AM sending this letter to any staff who took care of me on Jan. 10 of this year. That was the day I was scheduled in for surgery to remove my uterus. There was no long, nerve-wracking appointment wait. I was phoned almost immediately after a scheduled appointment. Not because it was an emergency but because the hospital and its staff are efficient.

I was terrified to go. I had lost three children due to negligence in a hospital out east and did not want to go here but this hospital is a miracle. I don’t believe many people know how blessed we are to have this hospital.

I had a wonderful surgical team. I woke up quickly and was put in a wonderful ward where you could hear little newborns all around. The nurses were wonderful, so caring. I almost did not want to leave.

The dietary staff who cook the meals and who drop those plates off need thank-yous on every tray for that is an exhausting job.

Everyone who took care of me operated from caring hearts. It was almost a pleasure being unwell because I was then able to experience good-hearted people operating well in highly-stressful jobs.

Ronda Bottos

Thunder Bay


(Originally published March 5, 2020)