THIS letter is a followup to my previous letter (Maybe It Should Be Mock The Frock — Feb. 19) after a vicious response from Julia Paradis (Vanity Or Charity? The Cause, Not Your Ego — letter Feb. 26) where she incorrectly states we took offence that a man was wearing this dress and my opinion was “the epitome of vanity.”

My original letter expressed disappointment my friend and I experienced upon seeing my friend’s donated mother-of-the-bride dress being worn in a rather comic pose in a picture on the front page of the paper.

Just to be clear, neither my friend nor I are of great financial means. The dresses we donated represent a significant and heartfelt donation to Hospice Northwest. A donation we are pleased to have made and a cause that we support.

Calling out members of our community who express concerns about their experience with local charity creates a hostile environment. Any organization who deals with donated goods should be held to account and open to receive feedback from their donor base.

My point is that charities have a duty to treat all donors and their donations with respect. Simply put, the above-mentioned photo did not convey this respect and perhaps was a lapse in judgment on behalf of event organizers.

I love the Northwest Hospice as a cause, just not my experience as a donor to this fundraising event. Julia, I hope that when you respond to other issues in the future you do so with an informed lens and not with the intention of attacking someone’s character.

Nancy MacDonald

Thunder Bay


(Originally published March 6, 2020)

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