The city is looking for a permanent location for a new soccerplex. I fail to understand why we should locate such a building in Chapples Park and destroy the natural beauty and present use of the park. It has one entrance/exit which in itself should be of a concern. 
We invested a great deal of money into developing lnnova Park. “Build it and they will come.” It has not happened. It has the entire infrastructure to support such a building. There is a hydro easement that could support additional parking facilities as well as utilizing the city’s property. 
We are going to have to replace the Fort William Gardens. With that happening we will have to replace the Fort William Curling Club. The tennis association is looking for a building. Innova Park would facilitate all of them. Not as a total complex at this time but with the ability to build when they are needed and meld them together. A proper design could allow for the development of a multi-use building location with summer outdoor tennis courts and soccer fields as well. 
In time there could be four facilities in one location. One building management team. One building maintenance team. Possibly office space available for various groups organizing the tournaments. Four entrances/exits. Close to hotels, restaurants and other facilities. Easy access for all of the community. 
Contemplate how efficiently we could carry on a curling tournament, a hockey tournament, a soccer tournament, a basketball tournament, even facilitate the organizers of the baseball tournament. 
Our community excels at organizing tournaments. Look for a rental room in Duluth and on most occasions it is difficult because of tournaments being held there. 
What other development do we have in the future? I and all of Canada driving past this location would be able to see our tax dollars at work and how we look after our community members at the Thunder Bay Athletic Center. 
Let us not hide how well we look after our children. Let every tourist travelling from Toronto to Winnipeg together with the local taxpayers have the opportunity of seeing how we provide for the city’s athletes. 
Just a thought. 
Ken Whent
Thunder Bay