THANK you Beth Workman for your letter regarding the mercury pollution of the English Wabigoon River System (Some Changes Take Way Too Long — CJ, May 29). I was a very young new graduate nurse and my first job in 1973 was as a community health nurse with what was then known as Health Canada. One of the communities that I was responsible for was what was then called Grassy Narrows.

I saw first hand the effects of mercury on the people of that community. Over the years, I have seen them work hard to get the government to recognize the tragedy of the mercury pollution. Through the years I have not forgotten the people of Grassy Narrows.

Obviously the government has played games with this horrible situation. They make promises, it seems, but that’s all they are — promises.

The people of Grassy Narrows deserve to be helped. I haven’t forgotten them and neither should anyone else.

Catherine Gillies

Thunder Bay