THIS is addressed to those truckers who stop their rigs on the side of Arthur Street, just past Marketplace, to go in search of that much needed, greatly anticipated cup of coffee nearby.

I drive past that area twice daily, and I cringe every time I see a truck sitting there. I slow down in anticipation that a driver will perhaps open a door and jump down, or pop up out of the ditch on his return to the truck. Please do not get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for truck drivers who run their rigs at all hours of the day, through all types of weather and through traffic that most times does not want to be close to them.

I am not here to stick it to you but simply to ask why? Why do you stop there, where you are not supposed to, and why do you risk your safety crossing a busy road that is very close to a busy intersection?

I know your need for that soothing cup of coffee is overwhelming, but why do you support a place that does not cater to your needs? It is not a safe place for you and frankly, for others when you park there.

It is not safe for you crossing, adding just one more thing to watch for and yet you do, even though the place you are so anxious to get to does not even extend the courtesy of shovelling you out a path to use. They let you stamp out your own, knowing full well you will still stop in.

Until there are truck-friendly lots for you to safely park in to obtain your much-needed coffee, carry a thermos or two full of your brew and the bonus is the pile of cash you will save in doing so. Safe journeys!

Lynda Viau



(Originally published March 2, 2020)

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