I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Thunder Bay. I had the pleasure of being the volunteer mission staff of BC Snowshoe team.

Every volunteer went above and beyond in kindness and helpfulness and our athletes were treated with the highest respect.

The snowshoe venue was phenomenal and the event well organized and efficient.

Thanks also go to the car honks as we walked, the waves, the stopping to ask the athletes questions about what sport they did, the delivering of doughnuts to our hotel, the bus drivers who delivered us to venues on time, and the genuine well wishes.

We were looked after very well at the Airlane Hotel and the food at the venues and hotel was both healthy and delicious.

Thunder Bay, you truly showed you are a city with heart. Thank you. It is you, the heart and soul of such a large event, that made all of our games experiences so memorable.

To the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games’ organizers, wow. What a well-organized event. Thank you.

Tina Giesbrecht

Burns Lake, B.C.


(Originally published March 5, 2020)

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