Re Little Attention Paid to Moose — editorial, Oct. 31:

We agree, moose — the gentle giants of the North — deserve better. By now, many Ontario moose hunters have finished their hunt for the year and by most accounts, it will have likely been a futile exercise. The moose just aren’t there. Tags, for those lucky to get them, will again go unfilled and game freezers will be empty.

Prompted by concerns from Northerners, Wildlands League has been studying the moose situation. Sadly, a grim picture is emerging. From both conversation and research it is apparent we need to act quickly to stop the decline of moose.

Let’s end the unrestricted calf hunt. Let’s create moose refuge areas, where access is restricted. These areas can act to replenish nearby populations. And let’s beef up poaching enforcement. These actions can provide some much needed breathing room. Additional steps can then be contemplated along with more monitoring and research.

Moose have inspired many of us with awesome experiences of the wild. Now they need us all — licensed hunters, indigenous communities, environmental groups, the province and others — to get inspired once again to come up with solutions to stop their decline.

The moose at last have our attention. Let’s do right by them.

Dave Pearce

Forest Conservation Manager

CPAWS Wildlands League


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