I AM a patient — or I should say was a patient — of a doctor in town until recently. I had five appointments cancelled and the last two were with one hour’s notice. Going back to work was impossible because they put another driver on the truck so I lost $328 per shift.

When I complained to the doctor’s secretary, nothing happened. So I told her that I would start looking for a more reliable doctor and hung up.

I called again at the beginning of February to ask to move my March 23 appointment to the 20th but the secretary said that appointment was cancelled and that I was no longer a patient with that doctor. When I asked why she said that I “fired” that doctor, which I did not. So now I'm out a doctor with uncontrolled diabetes.

What is going on here when a doctor can dump a patient, wipe her hands clean and not answer to anyone? Doesn't a patient have to sign a release form for this? Why is a secretary’s word more reliable than a patient’s? Why do doctors get to choose their patients?

If you’re interested in letting people of Thunder Bay and Ontario know, this is a worthwhile topic that should stir some feathers in doctors’ offices and in the legislature.

Renald Ouellette

Thunder Bay

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