THUMBS Up to the services of the Thunder Bay Police to the community. "Too often they are bashed by some and it's about time they are shown an appreciation for the good work they do for our city. It is not an easy job and I'm positive they are facing many challenges every day their work to keep our community as safe as possible. A big kudos to every single one of them for doing a great job. Thank you." 

THUMBS Up to the Port Arthur Curling Club and its volunteers. "Woodcrest intermediate students went curling this week, and it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so welcoming, helpful and fun. Many students tried the game for the first time and loved it. We could not have had such a great experience without such incredible hosts and coaches, so thank you.”

THUMBS Down to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University for not providing students with an actual graduation here in Thunder Bay. "All graduates have the option to travel to Sudbury with only a portion of the cost covered by the school. Instead, a graduation celebration will be held at Magnus Theatre where each graduate can only invite three family members to attend. So very disappointing. Not a great way to treat our northern doctors for all their hard work."

HATS Off to dentists who share their valuable time with the dental hygienists program at the college. "Their expert knowledge and guidance is greatly appreciated by both students and patients." 

THUMBS Down to high charges for phone service to elderly patients and residents in long-term care. "Promotional rate for residents is listed at $10 a month, but the long-term care rate is $22.95. Why make seniors pay more? The lines have been in place for decades."

THUMBS Up to a grocery story employee (she wears a black baseball hat) who goes above and beyond. "She is so efficient and always so unbelievably pleasant to all her customers every time. I look for her, as she makes my day. I saw her this week working in the aisle and she was facing-up all the products - awesome job. She's a keeper, always cleaning or doing something." 

THUMBS Down to bad drivers messing up the neighbourhood. "Not sure what the driver of the truck on Catherine Street (at noon on March 23) was thinking. In whose world is it OK to back into a driveway over our recycling, drag it into the street and drive off? You showed a total lack of courtesy." 

THUMBS Down to the intersections on Balmoral at Hewitson Street and Alloy Drive that have barricades to prevent people from either going straight across or turning left onto Balmoral. "These barricades are not wide enough to stop traffic from doing that. . . . Right now traffic can easily go around them. An accident waiting to happen." 

THUMBS Up from a Fort Frances family to the staff and management at the Robin's Donuts on Frederica Street. "We haven't had a Robin's in our town for several years now. When we travel to Thunder Bay, we bring back Robin's doughnuts for our special needs son, which are his favourites. The staff at the Robin's on Frederica are very friendly and accommodating for our special order that will travel 3 1/2 hours. I have spoken to the baker in the past when placing an order and he provided exceptional customer service. Thanks Frederica Robin's.”

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