THUMBS Up to two young men who “jumped out of a truck on Miles Street near May Street to help push an electric wheelchair through the snow to the lights at the intersection. I had stopped to help this young lady but was unable to push the chair. Just as I was calling 911, these great guys helped. I called them Good Samaritans and they said ‘we try.’”

THUMBS Up to Dr. Prowse and all his excellent staff in Ambulatory Care at the Regional for a job well done. “Oh, and by the way doc — Go Leafs Go!”

THUMBS Down to people who oppose cameras at intersections. “I see a minimum of four people per day go flying through red lights with plenty of time to stop. With these cameras the city will make the money back in fines in no time at all — maybe even catch people who don’t remove snow off of their vehicles. It was also mentioned that if we have the cameras installed more accidents will occur because of vehicles being rear ended. Maybe everyone needs to pay more attention to driving instead of their phones.”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay’s snow removal department for keeping South Mapleward Road plowed consistently. “Also a big Thumbs Up to The Chronicle-Journal delivery person. They never fail to deliver the paper — rain, shine or snow. Thanks a bunch.”

THUMBS Down to Lakehead University’s department of athletics. “I visited my alma mater recently and walked through the old fieldhouse. And old it is. Holes in the drywall, plumbing doesn’t work, mouldy ceilings and fixtures that were installed before my time there from in the 1970s. Delapitated and neglected are the only words to use to describe the state of the fieldhouse. Even the exercise equipment looks like it was purchased in the 1970s. Sad my old school is falling apart.”

THUMBS Up to the young gentleman driving a white Dodge Ram at the Cumberland Street McDonald’s location on Sunday afternoon. “He gave the better part of his drive-thru order to two homeless people in need. It was a nice gesture to witness. Thank you for the kindness and compassion shown even when no one is watching.”


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