THUMBS Up to the NBA champion Toronto Raptors “OMG, I know nothing about basketball. I think I had 10 mini-strokes watching that series. I know you get it in the basket! I am now a true Raptors fan. Watching the fanfare from east to west was awesome. And now, go Border Cats!”

THUMBS Down to what’s being done to our health care in Ontario. “These cuts could be dangerous. People who will not be able to get their medication and treatments because they cannot afford them could become very ill and possibly die. The Oxford Dictionary says that if you cause another person to die it’s murder. Is this what Doug Ford is doing to us?”

THUMBS Up to the team at George Jeffrey, SNAPParamedic, the volunteers, and everyone involved in the Soapbox Races. “It was another special year and raised over $37,000 for children and youth.”

THUMBS Down to all the smokers at Thunder Bay Regional hospital and those who should be enforcing smoking in designated sections. “You can't even walk from the parking lot to the main entrance without being bombarded with clouds of cigarette smoke. Why isn't the smoking ban being enforced? Smoking should be off property but sit in the main entrance for all of five minutes and you see multiple people smoking where the public should be able to sit outside and enjoy fresh air.”

THumbs Up to Children’s Centre Thunder Bay for their “amazing display celebrating Pride Week. Heartwarming and offering the most welcoming atmosphere.”

Thumbs up to the police officer and Councillor Shelby Ch’ng who were dancing with the teens at the pride block party. “Thank you to all our allies!”

THUMBS Down to city Animal Services. “Our licensed, micro-chipped and vaccinated indoor cat was lured, baited and trapped by a neighbour. Despite having his licence on file they failed to check for a chip and he was held overnight in his own urine and scratched by the trap door. When they did contact us they said he was unlicensed. The 'animal care attendant' was more concerned for the trapper than our cat, and was quite rude. Extremely poor service for our animals and our tax dollars.”

Thumbs up to the person who recently “turned in my black wallet at Walmart Intercity. I had left it in the shopping cart and didn’t realize it until I got home. I called the store and someone had turned it in to customer service. It’s reassuring to know that most people are honest.”

THUMBS Down to thieves. “Monday night, I had a bag from the LCBO stolen out of my car in my driveway on Strand Avenue, which we forgot to lock. How unfortunate that people who work hard for a living can’t leave anything of value either outside in their yards or in their cars. I should be grateful they didn’t take my $30 jug of weed killer, though. I guess the alcohol was more important. What goes around, comes around. Hope you enjoyed my coolers.”

THUMBS Down to the thief removed two red and white flowering baskets from the end of our driveway on Alice Avenue Tuesday night. If someone received them as a surprise, please note that they are stolen. May bad karma come your way tenfold.

THUMBS Up to the volunteers from the United Way GenNext Day of Caring who “cleaned up ugly garbage along Baffin Street. Thumbs Up to Junk Away for cleaning up every scrap of debris we left for them. Awesome job!”

THUMBS Up to the school crossing guard at St. Martin’s School corner of Mary and Edward streets for “brightly decorating the crossing guard station with cheerful seasonal and holiday decorations. The kids love it and it brings a smile to those in the neighbourhood. Awesome!”


(Originally published June 22, 2019)

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