THUMBS Up to the group of volunteers who spent their day picking up garbage in the Bay and Algoma area. “If these young people are an example of the next generation, we are in very good hands. A huge Thumbs Up to all of them.”

THREE Thumbs Down “to the grandmother shopping at a bulk food store on Thursday afternoon who put her hands into the bulk bins not once, but twice, to retrieve a candy/chocolate for herself and then her granddaughter. First, it’s unsanitary. Secondly it’s theft. And thirdly, you’re setting a bad example. Hopefully my disgusted look at least made you think. Next time I will say something.”

THUMBS Up to the Thunder Bay Community Choir for their marvellous presentation of sacred music for Good Friday at Trinity United. “It truly is a community choir with singers and musicians from all over the city. Under the direction of Mary McGhee, the music is exquisite. She has a particular talent, also, for selecting the music, and for ordering the pieces in a flow of tone, pace and thought. Many thanks.”

THUMBS Down to those who encourage Thunder Bay’s rodents. “I recently saw rats roaming around. The City should pass a bylaw where bird feeders are prohibited. Rats are a safety hazard and are overpopulating our neighbourhoods. People are aware of this and still continue to feed birds and throw garbage out without putting them in proper garbage containers.”

THUMBS Up. “Huge ‘thank you’ to the three gentlemen that pushed me out onto the road after my vehicle almost slid into the ditch on Highway 61, just past Highway 130, on April 29. I really appreciate your kindness and quick rescue.”

(From May 4, 2019)


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