THUMBS Up to three wonderful people — “Craig, Sheila Ryden, and Eddie, south of the border, who helped me when I blew a tire. They came to my rescue and refused any money that I offered. Sheila’s only request was that I remind their Canadian customers to pick up their packages from Ryden’s store. Many thanks.”

THUMBS Down to folks who hold up lines at convenience stores and gas stations, “redeeming, researching, and buying lotto scratch tickets; arguing with the clerk about their purchase or amount of winnings; and totally oblivious to the lineup of people waiting. The clerk does not research the rules and regulations about your ticket purchase. Please do not act surprised as you see us all waiting. You knew we were there. Read the room. Thumbs Up to folks who win and can be happy.”

THUMBS Up to the honest person “who turned my purse in to the County Fair Walmart customer service after I left it in the cart. I’m so thankful and grateful.”

THUMBS Down to all the dog owners on our street “who stand by on the sidewalk while their dogs pee on the flowers that we’ve planted under the tree. C’mon people. Use some common sense and respect others’ private property when you walk your dogs.”

THUMBS Up to great care. “I wish to comment on my excellent experience in emergency at the regional hospital. On June 18, I went to the emergency department with a suspected heart issue. Within 15 minutes of checking in, I was in a cubicle and hooked up to monitoring equipment by the nurse. Shortly after, I saw a doctor. Both were professional, thorough and caring. The doctor ordered a comprehensive series of tests which were completed within an hour. With recurring complaints about patients experience in emergency, it is important to recognize this positive patient experience.”

(Originally published July 23, 2022)


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