THUMBS Up to the “amazing individual who found my wallet on Bay Street and called me to return it safely with everything still inside. After a long day of work and meetings I was exhausted and in a panic when you called. Thank you for making my week. And shoutout to the great people in the Bay and Algoma neighbourhood for taking care of each other.

THUMBS Up to random acts of generosity. This one goes out to “the wonderful lady at the Metro on Thursday ahead of me who slipped a twenty onto my grocery bags just because. You made my day and reinforced the kindness of strangers. I was a little teary on my way home. Thank you for your sweet gesture and I hope you enjoy your pink tulips.”

THUMBS Down to poo-bag bandits. “To the filthy person who is bagging dog waste, then throwing it in the ditch along Woodcrest Road between Goods Road and Louis Street. Please stop. You may attempt to fool people that you are a responsible pet owner, but you are just creating more environmental mess by adding plastic. Also, to the smokers throwing away butts by the dozen, you can buy portable ashtrays.”

THUMBS Up to the staff at Bay Village Coffee. “On May 9, they assisted a gentleman to was lost and confused. Phone call after phone call . . . they finally found out where he lived and who to get in contact with. I don’t know how you did it, but we thank you for keeping him safe and comfortable until he was picked up.”

THUMBS Up to Eat Local for using environmentally friendly packaging. “Not only do Jim and his team support local, they also support going green and helping the environment.”

THUMBS Down to whoever has removed the Thunder Bay Queens Esso Cup National Championship banner from Fort William First Nation Arena. “Not only were a group of young women reminded of their incredible achievement whenever they return to the rink they spent so many hours in, but it served to remind the next generation of Northwestern Ontario’s female athletes that just because we are limited by location does not mean they are not capable of greatness and doing something special. This banner is an important part of our city’s illustrious hockey history and should be proudly displayed for all to see.”

(From May 18, 2019)


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