THUMBS Up to all the City workers who fixed the broken hydrant that flooded the area around First Avenue and Ontario Street on Oct. 21, and filled in the huge sink hole. “We’re happy you were able to do it by bedtime.”

WHERE’S THE SAND? Thumbs Up and thank you goes to a “young gentleman who couldn’t have been more than 15 years old” who helped a lady who fell in a parking lot. “He not only helped me but he also fell. Thumbs Down to the company for not sanding the walkways. Shame on you.”

THUMBS Down to charging without asking. A heating protection plan being provided without being requested comes with a monthly fee “which I have been trying to get reversed for a couple of months. . . . I am frustrated that a senior citizen is being taken advantage of this way.”

THUMBS Down to inconsiderate neighbours, including the ones who plow the snow from their driveway “across Moodie Street into my driveway — every year.” There are also vehicles parked on Marks Street and Moodie Street on the wrong side during calendar parking, blocking emergency vehicles all winter. “Thumbs Down to the parking authority and police for doing nothing about it, for years.”

THUMBS Down to a school bus driver who needs to slow down a little bit. “You need to drive the posted speed limit of 50 km/h on Red River Road — not 60-plus. I watched you come from behind and pass a transit bus and pull way ahead of it, only to be stopped by red light. What’s the rush? Especially this time of year, with the weather. Slow down.”

THUMBS Up to parents who take time away from work to support their kids. A Thumbs Down last month singled out a school administrator without considering the possibility that the person who attended a child’s sporting event more than made up for that time with extra work put in at other times. Employees and employers that find ways to put family first deserve praise.


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