THUMBS Down to the roofers on a building that includes a “family” hair care business earlier this month. “Your choice of music and the language in the music was very unacceptable — worst visit I’ve ever had. Not very respectful in a busy area.”

THUMBS Down to the “punk who was walking his bike along Brunswick Street South at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. Our surveillance cameras caught you abandoning your bike in the middle of the road, then sneaking up our drive to try to open my husband’s vehicle and my vehicle. When the motion sensor exposed you, you were off at a slow amble and on your bicycle. I sincerely hope that you had no better luck in the Vickers Park area. Change your life. Adopt some morals. A warning to all residents: keep your vehicles locked and secure.”

THUMBS Up to Gridlink and Kenworth. “Every time I drive past your business I can’t help but smile at your decorated trucks. You are warming my heart this Christmas.”

THUMBS Up to a lady on Dawson Street “who called me to let me know that a parcel I was expecting this week was delivered to her instead, and very kindly dropped it off at my home. It’s nice to know there are still honest people out there, and I hope Santa was extra good to you this Christmas.”

A CHILLY Thumbs Down to Thunder Bay Transit. “As a regular transit rider in the winter, the most frustrating thing for me is when buses go by the stop very early. I go to my closest stop on Grenville a few minutes early (even earlier on weekends) and still see tailights of the bus well down the street. Grrr. It happened one day last week when it was -22 C and I walked downtown because I had an appointment to get to. Brrr. Please keep to the schedule drivers, you have the technology on each bus to assist you with that.”


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