THUMBS Up and “ovational applause to TBSO's Ultrasonic Concert: The Music of Led Zeppelin with Jeans 'n Classics at the Auditorium last Saturday. The concert was like listening to an album without the scratches. Next Jeans 'n Classics is The Beatles in February. If you have never enjoyed our TBSO, that concert would be a fabulous start.”

THUMBS Up to the 1,400 supporters and volunteers from Thunder Bay and area “who raised over $45,000 for the TBSO with their 19th fall Fruit and Cheese Sale.”

THUMBS Down to whomever “‘removed’ the fall headstone toppers from the graves of my parents and sister at Mountainview Cemetery. I checked with the office and they do not remove these types of items. Not sure of your intent but as I hand-crafted them I will certainly recognize them if I see them again. Guess I should feel flattered I did such a good job you felt you had to have them for yourself. Remember what goes around comes around — hope you’re not haunted by your actions.”

THUMBS Up to all the volunteers who make such a difference in our community. “So many organizations are looking for volunteers. Please seriously consider offering your time to any of the many worthwhile causes. You will invariably gain from the experience.”

THUMBS Up to a kind neighbour in Westfort who, late one night, opened the door to a stranger locked out of an office. “Thanks for use of the phone to arrange the rescue by an equally kind sister who had just finished working a long shift. In dark times, it’s worth remembering that people are good.”

THUMBS Down to the person who was in C7 at the TBRHSC emergency department Monday night. “Your racism, ignorance and comments were unbelievable! Indigenous people who have addiction and mental health issues deserve health care in priority of their condition. Your loved one doesn’t deserve treatment first just because in your opinion ‘these people’ don’t count. When your endless complaining didn’t get you any quicker attention you had a temper tantrum like a child. All the while your loved one was stabilized, cleared and discharged. You should be completely ashamed of the horrible things that came out of your mouth.”


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