THUMBS Up to the woman found keys and returned them on May 15. “I was at the playground with my granddaughter and dropped my keys when my granddaughter fell. You drove around the neighbourhood trying my key remote and found me. It was so nice of you to do that. Thank you again so much. What a fine example of our community spirit.”

FIVESOME fore play allowed by ‘knows-them’ ranger. “Thumbs Down to the four-hour, 45-minute round of golf while golfing at the north side city course. We came across a five-some, which is not allowed. They held up the entire course. When we flagged down the ranger (who is paid to make sure the rules are followed). We were told “Oh, I know them’ and the ranger drove away. Really?”

THUMBS Up to all nurses. “But two Thumbs Up to Michelle working in the intermediate care unit. We have observed exceptional expertise and care that she provides so effortlessly. We know she is a ‘purr’fect nurse. Forever grateful for those little extras. Thank you.”

THUMBS DOWN to those who felt it was appropriate and lawful to enter the property of the Regional Food Distribution Association and remove stored pallets. “The RFDA has undertaken a Pallet Project to raise monies to sustain its mission to ‘Let no one go hungry in our midst,’ and those who take what isn’t theirs only betray the many who so desperately need our help.”

A BIG Thumbs Up to the teachers, volunteers, and student athletes who took part in Ecole Gron Morgan’s track and field meet on May 17. “An extra big Thumbs Up to Mr. Noyes, whose loudspeaker play-by-play announcing was very informative, highly entertaining and often humorous. We spectators really appreciated all your efforts, everyone, . . . and the coffee and Timbits were just an extra bonus. Thanks.”

THUMBS Down to the transport drivers “who drove side-by-side on May 15 at 4 p.m. on Dawson Road from the Expressway to Sherwood Drive, backing traffic up almost back to the Expressway.”

(From May 25, 2019)


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