(From Jan. 19, 2019)

THUMBS Up to Canada Post staff Joni and Patricia in Nipigon, along with Kathy at the Alloy Drive location in Thunder Bay, “for being so very patient, pleasant and helpful in ensuring I was able to get my parcel of new skis on Friday before the weekend. All went above and beyond and is most appreciated.”

STRANGER saves the day. On Jan. 5, “I took our two grandkids to Lakehead University for breakfast at the residence dining hall. The debit machine was not working. Having no cash or bank card in hand, I was going to head home with two disappointed boys. Nearby stood an individual, who I believe was a security guard for the university. He immediately stepped up and offered to pay for the three of us. Thank you kindly sir for your generosity. I only wish I knew your name to include in this big Thumbs Up.”

THUMBS Down to the drivers that continued to go through the intersection of William Street and Balmoral Avenue, failing to yield to parked and arriving EMS vehicles, on Jan. 9 at about 4:50 p.m. while there was clearly an accident. “There were several emergency vehicles already at the scene with others arriving. They needed space to park and do their job. Also, they need space to safely get out of their vehicles and attend to those who were in the accident. Please just give them space and make sure you aren’t interfering with the scene and drive carefully.”

THUMBS Down “to the person who done stole my 12-foot boat and six-horsepower motor from my camp.”

A BELATED Thumbs Up for holiday spirit to “my neighbours on the 500 block of Norah Street for having the beautiful display of lights for Christmas. They were beautiful. Thank you.


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