CONGRATULATIONS to the locally owned 2019 Thunder Bay Border Cats. Thumbs Up to “great baseball, great food and beverages, and lots of great entertainment. Our guys got off to a shaky start but had a very strong finish in the first half. Come on Thunder Bay. Let’s get out and support our team. Go Cats Go!”

THUMBS Up to the couple at a Shuniah campground selling 50/50 tickets and wearing their cowboy hats and having a blast. “I talked to them and it was all volunteer for them and they said they loved it and it was all for the kids. They also own the most gorgeous spot out there, all decorated up for Canada Day. Keep those two; they are fun.”

THUMBS Down to the person who stole a walker from outside a home. “Shame on you. This person bought this walker to assist them to be able to walk. Now someone has it who thinks they did a good thing by stealing from someone who needs this. They are not cheap for seniors who are living on a budget. I sure hope you are enjoying it. Now I am thinking when you are older and need this assistance for walking I hope you kept it to help you walk. If not, I would like to think if you need one later maybe someone will steal yours. Again, shame on you.”

‘THIS Canada Day weekend, my wife and I were attending St. Andrews cemetery to water plants at our parents’ gravesites, who are veterans. We were pleasantly surprised to find that a very thoughtful person had placed a yellow carnation on 12 veterans’ gravestones. Thank you very much and we will pay it forward next year.” Thumbs Up to a great tribute to veterans on Canada Day weekend.

THUMBS Down to thieves who took a two-foot by four-foot Canadian flag. “I put it on a rope between two large trees beside my driveway in my front yard on Walsh Street. It really upset me to come home and see my flag gone — just a couple of days before Canada Day. How inconsiderate can people be?”

THUMBS Up to the large Canadian flag on the electronic billboard near Chapters. “What a nice surprise. It made me feel warm and fuzzy.”

HUGE Thumbs Down to the new digital sign billboard in downtown Port Arthur along Water Street. “In a time when distracted driving is such an issue why put this huge eyesore to the beauty of the downtown core and marina area.”


(Originally published July 6, 2019)

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