THUMBS Up to the city roads crews and the grader operators — “you guys are awesome. Also let’s not forget the guys running the sidewalk plows. You are all truly appreciated. Thanks for a job well done. You all deserve recognition for all of your long hours. Happy New Year.”

THUMBS Up to the plow operator who, Tuesday morning, “thoughtfully pushed the windrow across Melon Street, left by an earlier plow going down Robinson Drive, into the Melon boulevard before proceeding up Melon Street. Your consideration left the bottom of our driveway much easier to clear of road snow.”

THUMBS Up to the “awesome team of golden oldies on Huron Crescent who jump right in and remove snow for many of their neighbours. Even a blizzard won’t stop them from helping others. It is Christmas on the crescent all year with these kind-hearted folks. Yes, there is more than one Santa.”

THUMBS Up to the several people in Terrace Bay “who were exceptionally kind when I was injured in a fall last week: The stranger in the truck who helped me up, the two reassuring ambulance attendants who kept our spirits up while remaining professional, the ER nurse who was so kind and caring, the X-ray tech who was so warm and friendly, and lastly, the doctor who gave such a good explanation of what had happened, called the orthopedic surgeon in Thunder Bay, and even phoned me at home the following day to make sure we arrived safely. I am so sorry that I don’t remember anyone’s name, but you all went above and beyond what could be expected and helped this elderly lady and her grandchild get through a crisis with ease. Thank you all so much. I hope Santa was as good to you as you were to us.”

THUMBS Up to those donating “lovely items, in near-new condition with all pieces included to our local charity thrift stores for others to purchase and give as gifts. I’ve been housecleaning and donating items myself, and also picking up some donated vintage, high-quality items. ‘Reusing’ is the most beneficial of the three Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s nice to know someone else can treasure and put items to good use.”

(Originally published Dec. 31, 2022)


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