‘FIVE senior ladies had lunch at Tony Roma’s on July 4; one of them was having a birthday. When it was time to pay, our server told us a couple seated by us had paid our bills. We couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased. A giant Thumbs Up to this anonymous couple. We will all be paying it forward.”

THUMBS Up to those adult cyclists who are riding on the path between Northwood and Parkdale (or any of the multi-use paths) and ring their bell or shout a warning before passing walkers, but “Thumbs Down to those cyclists who go whizzing by without any warning and nearly give you a heart attack, especially on the hills on that path. Parents, please remind your children who use the paths of this courtesy.”

THUMBS Down to chronic obstructors of bike lanes. “Every Friday, residents (and even waste collectors) leave trash cans in the middle of the east Court Street bike lane. Every afternoon, pub-goers smoke outside of a neighbourhood bar, idly standing in the bike line oblivious to their location. When you wake them with a bell, they hurl insults or cigarettes at you. Would you stand or leave your garbage in the middle of the road? No — so get out of the bike lane! The city ought to enforce the rules before someone gets hurt.”

THUMBS Up to Leonard and staff for doing such a great job at the Conmee cemetery “Keep up the good work.”

THUMBS Down to the people who brought their two dogs to an indoor music event at Chippewa Park, “ignored the leash law and allowed them to run around in an audience filled mostly with seniors. One dog ran to another room and killed a baby squirrel in front of two people who were horrified. I love dogs but seriously, do people need to bring them everywhere? Leave them at home sometimes. They’ll be fine.”

THUMBS Down to a Northwood neighbour who “wrote a note complaining about our dog barking when we’re at work. Rather than hide behind anonymity, if you would have signed your name we could’ve discussed this like adults.”

THUMBS Up to the gentleman in a black truck, licence ---740. “It was an extremely hot day and I had a flat tire in the Shoppers Drug store parking lot. He tried to fix my flat but it was beyond on-the-spot repair. Also to Paul from Clow Darling who asked me if I needed help as well, thanks a lot from a damsel in distress.”


(Originally published July 20, 2019)

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