THUMBS Up to the seasonal city workers that plant and maintain our major flower beds. “Outstanding job. When people take pride in their work it shows. Sad to see the end is near for this year, as cooler, wet weather takes its toll. Keep up the good work making our city so beautiful.”

THUMBS Down to the those that dump their fish guts and other debris on Spruce River Road between the highway and Lakeshore Drive. “I’m sure you’re aware of the residential area a short distance away where families (like ours) want to continue to spend time outside in a safe environment. As homeowners, we try to maintain clean yards to discourage dangerous animals from coming around. From one neighbour to another, I doubt you’d like to find my waste dumped in your back yard, so please, utilize your local waste facility.”

THUMBS Up to Mosquito Speedway for the very entertaining races. “They were very well run and well organized. Hope to see you next year.”

THUMBS Down to the railway company diesel truck “spewing huge clouds of smoke as it drove on Monday afternoon from Main Street through a very busy Intercity area down towards Simpson Street. You could smell the horrible burning oil for a mile around. Perhaps some consideration for the environment and people in this shopping area next time and get a tow truck. I can only hope they were going directly to get it fixed.”

THUMBS Up to the staff at Mongos. While visiting from Vancouver, I left my phone there. About four hours later when I realized it was missing, I called there and they had it. Thankful for honest people.

THUMBS Down to off-road trail dangers from a humbled reader. “I was out with my son on my quad on a familiar trail and was astounded by what forestry had done to my favourite area. We came upon a ravine fiver or six feet deep and tried to cross it. Well thank god we had helmets on because, due to my stupidity, we flipped. I’ve got sore shoulders and back. My son is OK. Please take extra time to assess unknown hazards so you and loved ones stay safe. I surely learned a lesson.”

THUMBS Up to Sunset Memorial Gardens and the beautiful display of fall mums as you drive onto the property. “The entire cemetery is a jewel. I am curious as to why this acreage is never included in the garden tours — it’s fabulous.”

THUMBS Down for a Hilldale Avenue homeowner with “gas cans, derelict vehicles and other junk littering his front yard.”


(Originally published Sept. 21, 2019)

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