THUMBS Up to the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council for the wonderful Labour Day picnic at Current River Park. “The music, food, games, bouncy castle, horse rides and animals were enjoyed by everyone. I observed so many smiles from the large crowd. Thank you to the amazing volunteers for the hard work they did to make such an enjoyable day for so many families. We are all very grateful. Thank you.”

A BIG Thumbs Up to the lady clowns doing face painting and animal balloons at the Labour Day Picnic. “They were cheerful, friendly and smiling, even though the lineup seemed endless. They had the patience of Job.”

THUMBS Down from a diner at the Hymers Fall Fair. “The ham supper was very disappointing. No coleslaw, no potatoes, no juice, no condiments for ham. The perogies and pie were excellent.”

A BIG Thumbs Up “to all those persons involved with the Wake The Giant movement in Thunder Bay. This cultural awareness initiative of inclusion and safety for Indigenous persons in Thunder Bay in reality benefits all persons in our community. Thank you to each and everyone involved for your commitment, time and vision. Let’s keep this movement rolling Thunder Bay by attending the Wake the Giant Music Festival on Sept. 14.”

TWO Thumbs Down to a contractor for dumping loaders full of garbage from Mary Street onto the boulevard of Edward Street for the garbage collection. “The parking lot at the community centre should have been used for this. The garbage was picked up, but the garbage and mess left is disgusting. Two calls to the City to have someone clean it up were completely fruitless. Where is the common sense? The birds and rats are now having a feast.”

THUMBS Up and “a bouquet of thanks to Thunder Bay Police for finding our car last weekend that was stolen from our north-side driveway Thanks again.”


(Originally published Sept. 7, 2019)

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