THUMBS UP “and up and up to Magnus Theatre’s show Ivanka. Kudos to Crudo and Waytowich for giving their audiences many, many hilarious moments. Thunder Bay should be proud of the talent we have in this city. Hopefully Ivanka will return again as she is very popular. It doesn’t hurt to now have an Italian connection!”

THUMBS Down to Unifor Local 1075 at Bombardier. “After more than 450 of us received layoff notices, and many of those already were missing hundreds from our cheques due to ‘workshare,’ they decided to use their power to claw an additional hour’s pay from our cheque to replenish their ‘retirement handshake’ fund. Thanks for kicking us while we’re down.”

THUMBS Down to the two people drinking in public at Marina Park last Tuesday “where kids could be seen playing. One of them even urinated, where my grandmother could see, and they left french fries everywhere.”

THUMBS Up to Thunder Bay Police. “You do a great job even though you get criticized, called names and spit on. Keep up the good work and keep smiling. The majority of us are proud of the job you do.”

THUMBS Down to the motorist driving too fast at 5:06 p.m., July 16 on Calvert Road who “took the life of our beautiful dog. She never went on the road except this one time she chased something from the yard and you were not able to stop. An apology would have been all we needed but instead you drove away. She may have been a dog to you but to us she was a daughter, sister and best friend.”

THUMBS Up to George Jeffrey Children’s Centre and Thunder Bay Salmon Association for putting on “a fun fishing event for children who may not otherwise get the chance to experience fishing on Lake Superior. It looked like all the participants had so much fun!”


(Originally published July 27, 2019)

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