THUMBS Down to those who portray the proposed location of a 58-unit transitional youth housing facility on Junot as ideal. “The safety of the children at St. Pius, Hammarskjold, the Gateway Program, Boys and Girls Club, the nearby baseball and park areas is paramount, not to mention the seniors’ accommodations, the steady stream of walkers, joggers, bike riders. Proximity to Shoppers Drugs Mart, the LCBO, the Beer Store, the drug-use area of Blucher/Picton is great, right? Give your heads a shake. Or buy a home near the facility. Several are for sale.”

THUMBS Up to those golf courses that “encourage and follow established golf etiquette such as appropriate dress code rules (no short-shorts or bathing suit bottoms), wearing a shirt, maximum of four players per group, slow groups let faster player(s) through, show common courtesy and common sense.” From another reader, “Thumbs up to the conditions and greens at Strathcona Golf Course.”

THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay for throwing the contents of their recycling bins in the garbage. “This happens often at Live on the Waterfront and other events. When I put a can into a blue recycling bin, I expect it to be recycled. Very disappointed in the lack of environmental concern.”

THUMBS Down to a group of women at the Stanley Tavern on the afternoon of Aug. 9. “You were unbelievably rude to the waitress. And I can see your daughters are following in your footsteps. Between using the F-word and your comments to her about cooking it ‘correctly,’ you should be ashamed. If I was the owner I would have asked you to leave. There’s no reason to be so abusive to someone, but I suspect you do this everywhere.”

THUMBS Down to motorists who park in fire lanes at groceries stores, even though no-parking signs are posted. “There are legitimate reasons that you should not park there, and even though the size of your behind should be reason enough, that is not the real reason. Please be reasonable and leave those lanes clear; they are necessary and are not for you to park because you are too lazy to walk a few feet. You might even lose a pound or two!”

THUMBS Up to the couple in line behind me at Metro on Arthur Street Aug. 10 who so generously made up the difference in my grocery bill since I brought the wrong gift card. I didn’t have to put anything back and your kindness will never be forgotten.”

THUMBS Up to the security company that did such a great job at the CLE this year — “even if my coffee got dumped, but I understand why (no open containers to control alcohol use). Thumbs Down to the CLE for trying to make those who had to leave and wanted to come back pay again. Maybe next year get a peel-and-stick tattoo with CLE on it in different colours for each day of the fair.”


(Originally published Aug. 17, 2019)

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