THUMBS Up to the kind, hardworking 1A nursing staff of “Jorie, Robyn, Ryan, Brittany, Ally, Brittany, Kim, and all your co-workers. Your wonderful care did not go unnoticed by my family. Your job is a tough one. If only there were more of you.” Hats off also to the thorough janitorial staff on the floor and Kris in emergency trauma — “Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is lucky to have you. You deal with so much while still providing exceptional care. We can’t thank you all enough.”

THUMBS Up to an aquabics instructor named Anne at the Lakehead University Fieldhouse Pool. “Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings she motivates us and gets us moving with arobics, muscle conditioning and endurance. We are encouraged to work at our own speed using proper posture, correcting us if needed so we don’t hurt ourselves. She plays upbeat music, changing to slower music for the cool down. Why not join us and have fun while getting fit.

THUMBS Up from “a grateful senior” and a “big thank you to the nice young lady who gave me a ride home. She also brought my groceries to my door. I would have liked to pay her, but she wouldn’t take it. I hope to be helpful to someone else.”

THUMBS Down to the municipality of Oliver Paipoonge (Murillo) for the running and condition of the landfill site. “We are constantly told to recycle and we do, going out of our way to take down boxes and sort plastics. Three times now, we have arrived at the dump and been told the recycle bins are full, so toss your stuff in the dump. Honestly, another set of bins in needed. The dump itself is horrifying.”

THUMBS Down to inactive active transportation routes. “The Thunder Bay active transportation network plan boasts of a goal to help make Thunder Bay a great place to ’walk, bike and roll.’ The trail between Riviera Drive to the Harbour Expressway continues to be inaccessible for bikes, walkers or joggers throughout the winter months. Please plow this trail as the intersections are slippery and dangerous to cross as motorists are trying to get on and off Golf Links Road — especially from the hospital. Hospital employees, university students, tourists and residentials owners would thank you.”

(From Jan. 26, 2019)


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