THUMBS Up to the Badanai Theatre summer production of Little Shop of Horrors playing until Aug. 15 at the Paramount Theatre. “We brought our whole family out and both young and old enjoyed the show. Fantastic time and just as fun as Mamma Mia was last winter from this talented local group of performers. Catch this show if you can, it’s a lot of fun!”

THUMBS Up to Joanne Waytowich and Mario Crudo for a wonderful performance at Magnus Theatre in the play Ivanka. “I have been to many shows there and have enjoyed every one of them. Please support your local theatre, you won’t be disappointed. It’s always a great evening out.”

THUMBS Down to Magnus Theatre for not using microphones during their production of Ivanka. “My two friends and I wear well-functioning hearing aids and still we missed about half of the show. This is 2019 and I think your theatre should be accessible to people with all types of disabilities, including the hearing disabled.”

THUMBS Up to a couple visiting their father for his 90 birthday who happened to be near when I took a bad tumble and needed medical help. The husband called 911 and his wife consoled me while I lay on the sidewalk. A cyclist came by and passed my husband a cold compress to hold on my head. Thumbs up the a paramedics who were pleasant and kept me comfortable on the trip to hospital. Even though you were in a code black situation your patient came first. Thumbs Up to the Emergency staff who treated me immediately and found me a room as soon as one became available. Thumbs Up to the nurses of 1A who took care of me for a week and a half. You’re all a great bunch.”

THUMBS Down to helicopter rides at the marina. “Was anyone in this community asked about this in advance? Was there a chance to vote on whether we wanted it or not? People who bought condos at the waterfront (we are not all as rich as you think) and everyone who lives anywhere near our city's waterfront are forced to listen to a helicopter all day. For what? So some people can say ‘weeee’ for a few minutes while the owners get rich? The trains are necessary, the boats are necessary, but this is not. I hope it's like every other attraction in this city where people get bored in a year and it tanks.”

THUMBS Up to the City of Thunder Bay for keeping the grass and landscaping so nice at Boulevard “even when disc golfers are trampling all over pretty much everything trying to find their plastic. It's a huge park and it always looks really nice. Thank you.”


(Originally published Aug. 10, 2019)

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