THUMBS Up to our Thunder Bay North Stars “for having such an awesome season and providing many hockey night outings for people to attend. A big Thumbs Up also to their head coach, Rob DeGagne. Our city should be proud of these fine young players having such a great season, so good luck in the final round. Go North Stars!”

THUMBS Up to the 1,400 supporters, volunteers and firemen “who made the recent 45th Fruit and Cheese Sale another great success, raising $39,300 for the TBSO (Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra) and providing 800 apples and cheeses to the Dew Drop Inn and Shelter House.

THUMBS Down to a reckless school bus driver. “Walking back from store, I watched this driver run the stop sign and then put on his flashing lights and stop signs to pick up one child. A little late to worry about safety for children, don’t you think? Illegal driving, unsafe driving and a bad driving habit to say the least.”

THUMBS Up to Jean Francois Breton for many years of being the percussionist with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. “You performed many wonderful pieces. Good luck with your new road you are taking. You will be missed.”

A BELATED, “but so grateful Thumbs Up to the kind soul who turned in my keys at Memorial Avenue Walmart (on March 30). I have had the leather heart on the keychain for decades and the colourful “Play Snood” keychain is irreplaceable. Thank you so much for taking the time to turn in these surprisingly sentimental items to customer service. You are a gem.”

THUMBS Down to the City of Thunder Bay Engineering Department. “As a resident of Victoria Avenue near Lillie Street, I am very disappointed of the way the Victoria Avenue project is being handled. Attempting to get in and out of my driveway safely is next to impossible. Forget the lights at Lillie and forget the roundabout as well.”

A HUGE Thumbs Up to David and the staff at a major hardware retailer in the city. “My basement sprung a leak during the downpour on Sunday and I ran down to the store to get a pump, but they were closed. After explaining my problem, a staff member found David and he provided me with a pump and hose on the promise that I come back the next day to pay for it since the tills were closed. Wow! Thank you for having so much trust and saving us from what could have been a disaster.”

THUMBS Up to a thrift store, and Roger and Pat from Murillo. “My husband and I were shopping at our local Teen Challenge Thrift Store. They do so much to help free people from addiction and life challenges. The store is clean, organized, filled with friendly staff, awesome donations, and sold at reasonible prices. We found a couple of desks I really wanted but we could not fit them in our car. This thoughtful couple approached us and offered to deliver them to our home. They refused payment for their amazing gesture of kindness. We will give back by helping someone in need. Thank you again.”

THUMBS Down to Thunder Bay Police from a pedestrian who saw a “police car turn left from the right-hand lane and run the stop sign — illegal and unsafe. Don’t use the baloney excuse: ‘I was on an important service call.’ What good are you if you hit someone or get into an accident? . . . The public does notice this. Monkey see, monkey do.”

(From April 13, 2019)


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