THUMBS Down to an elderly woman who yelled at a male employee of an Arthur Street grocery store on June 8 at around 8:15 p.m. “They only had one cashier open, but they do have six self-serve ones. It is not that employee’s fault that they are short-staffed. You should take this problem up with management. Many stores in town are short on staff, and hiring. Yelling got you no where. I felt bad for that male employee. Shame on you.”

THUMBS Down to the setup of street-side dining in Thunder Bay’s north core. “Who designed the mess on Red River Road for the outdoor patios? It is a complete eyesore and hard to navigate a vehicle down the street. It should be an inviting place for the restaurateurs to have people enjoy their outdoor patios, which they have put in the effort to create. You have concrete slabs on one side, which definitely does not add any ambiance. The planners of this should have looked outside the city for ideas to make something beautiful and enticing for people to visit. This is our downtown. Usually a downtown is designed to attract people. What has been done is not attractive at all.”

THUMBS Down to raceway prices that aren’t family friendly. “I am totally disappointed in the new race track for many reasons. If you have children want them to be in the pits with their fathers, they have to pay $40. That’s crazy. We paid $25 to get in, then wanted see my son in the pits and they told me I had to get another wristband for $40. A parent behind us needed earplugs for her two young kids and they charged them a $1 for those. . . . And finally, the water truck was terrible. The dust was so bad, I don’t know how drivers could even see.”

THUMBS Down to a local courier company for parking their huge delivery truck across two accessible parking spaces at a local clinic. “I’ve also witnessed aggressive and dangerous driving by their drivers around town, such as rolling through red lights to make a turn, speeding on residential streets and more.”

THUMBS Down to bad impressions. “The roadway at Hillcrest Park and the Marina Park parking lot is full of dangerous potholes,” writes one reader. Another reader shares the same concern, noting: “How embarrassing. These roads should be perfect, not ruts. Tourism anyone?”

(Originally published June 11, 2022)


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