THUNDER Bay is host to the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games this week and the reviews are positive. “Thumbs Up to all of the enthusiastic athletes, their coaches, families and fans — and a special thanks to the many volunteers who make the games possible.”

THUMBS Up to the Special Olympics athletes competing at the winter games this week for “showing us what true sportsmanship looks like. They play hard and bring their best to the competition without egos. Thanks for the lesson.”

THUMBS Up to the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games for “a moving opening ceremonies on Tuesday evening at the Fort William Gardens. The standing ovation that the Indigenous dancers and drum group received was particularly poignant. Thunder Bay showed its best as a community. The Gardens was awash with some much-needed pride.”

THUMBS Up to the many sponsors who helped to make the 2020 Special Olympic Winter Games possible. “Your monetary and volunteer contributions around the opening ceremonies and the events themselves have been second to none.”

THUMBS Down to whomever was responsible for providing information to the MCs at the Special Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies. “The botching of the names being read aloud stole some of the thunder of the event for both Steven Mau, Special Olympics athlete, and Thunder Bay Police Service Deputy Chief Ryan Hughes. A further Thumbs Down because no one corrected these errors and read out the proper names.”

THUMBS Up to those parents who actively spend time with their young children. “It is such a pleasure to see parents enjoying time with their kids, sliding down the hills at Balsam Pits. A perfect venue for those simple pleasures.”

THUMBS Down to adults who “drop F-bombs in shopping malls, hockey rinks and restaurants, even when kids are around. Can’t you think of another way to express yourself? Time to get a dictionary.”


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